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Aisoy Robotics and Autism Therapy

The Aisoy1 is an interactive emotional robot that offers children with special needs an extraordinarily powerful emotional relationship. Through fun educational games, these children develop their social, cognitive, motor and emotional skills that provide them with greater security and autonomy. Aisoy Robotics collaborates with institutions such as UMH University Clinic to develop new therapies designed especially for children with these needs. Their numbers grow, but there are few technological solutions that are developed for these children. Aisoy Robotics is committed to the search and support of this group, so that the therapies are increasingly easy to implement, the technology more accessible and the effectiveness of its application is greater. Thanks to this, more and more people benefit from the use of our technology.

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Shelly - Speech Language Pathologist

Kansas Public School System

"One of the students in the first class I was in had already had a meltdown this morning.  She (classroom teacher) said she never sees him happy..always mad.  During Aisoy1 (speech therapy), this student was happy, smiling, had raised his hand to ask a ton of questions, was very engaged and LOVED Aisoy1. Answered all the questions Aisoy1 asked and participated in the deep breathing, counting to 10 and asking for a break activity during the FRUSTRATION script.    Now THAT is how powerful Aisoy1 was today!" 

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North American Learning Robotics - DBA AISOY USA is the exclusive distributor of the Aisoy1 robot and accessories. Imagined and manufactured by Aisoy Robotics of Spain. The Aisoy1 KiK robot is a DIY, social robot, created to inspire the imagination while teaching core STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts.

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