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The Aisoy1 KiK is much more than the next generation of the Aisoy1 robot.  The vision of Aisoy Robotics of Spain is that this very special, social robot be part of a modern education.  Interacting with an Aisoy1 KiK is a personalized, educational experience which helps to develop the multiple intelligences all people posses.  The Aisoy1 KiK robot is a unique emotional robot which is educational and fun!   It has its own captivating personality.  Its mission is to have fun with you, surprise you, play and talk with you about different subjects, all the while stimulating your creativity.  Aisoy1 KiK is not just a robot. Now, it's your partner and friend! 


$410.00 plus shipping and handling

The Aisoy1 KiK is currently out of stock.  We expect to have more robots available in April.   Orders are being accepted at this time.  Please use the "contact" button below to provide us your information.  A sales representative will contact you to answer questions and ensure your Aisoy1 KiK E robot is reserved.  * Special pricing for educational institutions and families with special needs children available.  

Model Aisoy KiK E has 4 hours of continuous battery life and 16 GB of memory.

North American Learning Robotics - DBA AISOY USA is the exclusive distributor of the Aisoy1 robot and accessories. Imagined and manufactured by Aisoy Robotics of Spain. The Aisoy1 KiK robot is a DIY, social robot, created to inspire the imagination while teaching core STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts.

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